February 01, 2010

My Long-Lost Friend

This is Ben:

Ben works a lot lately. It's his 'busy season'.

I don't like Ben's 'busy season'.

They say "Absence makes the heart grow stronger".

But, my heart was already plenty fond of his heart.

This is Ben's little one:

She keeps me company.

Her goal is to keep me so busy I don't have time to miss Ben.

She does a pretty good job of it, too!

This is Ben's little, littlest one:

He makes me tired.

His goal is to make me tired and sleepy so I can dream about how one day Ben's 'busy season' will be over.

And then we'll be a family again.



Andrea and Cy Hepworth said...

I'm sorry its ben's busy season. I know how that goes when i was home and my dad was gone forever because of this busy seas on theirs! Hopefully this year will turn out great for them. Just so you know they are the happiest people alive when it is over!!

KT said...

Sorry about the busy season! Hope it ends soon for you!