February 24, 2010

Date #2: Wicked

My parents gave Ben and me an amazing Christmas present: a year of dates! Once a month for the next 12 months they have provided, planned, and paid for some type of recreational activity and offered their babysitting services. Is that the greatest thing you've ever heard of?

The first date was tickets to hear the Florida Orchestra in their special Cirque du Soleil performance. It was amazing! Those people are only half human, I think.

This month the date was tickets to see Wicked. Again - amazing! Ben bought tickets for us three years ago for Valentine's day, but I was shocked at how much I had forgotten. It was just as thrilling the second time around! Broadway shows are my favorite form of entertainment!! The singing and dancing with a live orchestra and an interesting story line....lovely! Just pure joy for the senses!! I'm not sure Ben feels as passionately about them as I do, but he does find them interesting and entertaining.

Two dates down; 10 more to go!! Thanks Mom and Dad :)


Sharla said...

Wow! That's the best present. How nice of your parents. And lucky you to go to Wicked a 2nd time. Love that show!

Sharla said...
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Andrea and Cy Hepworth said...

My mom was telling me about this and how great of an idea it was. So I just need her to move out here or we move back to Florida so we can make this happen! Glad you love wicked... again!