February 15, 2010

Settling Down In Life

Disclaimer: This blog has become a type of journal for me, so even though this post may not be interesting or entertaining I wanted to write down what we did so I won't forget.

We had a lovely Valentine's day! Maybe the best ever, even though we really didn't do anything. Weird, huh? I think what was so nice was that Ben was actually home and I especially appreciated it due to his frequent absences lately.

The morning was, I admit, a little hectic: lessons to teach, a fussy baby to juggle, and things to get done.

But then things started to improve....

Ben got home by 2:45 which is very usual and was a very pleasant surprise. I had just put Sadie down for her nap, and Ben and I were both able to a take nice, long nap together. Sadie didn't wake up until almost 5! :)

I made my favorite meal of all time: Lemon Butter Chicken. It was the best I've ever made! Oh, so good!!

Ben stayed up until midnight the night before making Creme Brulee. Another yummy (even though he thought it was a flop)!

We spent the rest of the night laughing and playing with Sadie and watching the Olympics. Sadie was in the best mood, I was in the best mood, and Ben was actually home. All our lucky stars lined up just right ;) It was truly heavenly, despite how uninteresting it sounds.

No gifts exchanged. No fancy adult dinner out. No expensive entertainment. Yet it was a positively perfect little moment in time. If I sound surprised it's because I am! We must be getting old or something :)

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Valerie said...

I feel the same way about Valentines. It's so nice to just be together :) I don't think it's cause we're old though. Rather simple and true.