February 15, 2010

The End of an Era

Some of my fondest childhood memories are of taking walks to the 'Ag Farm' to feed the animals with the stale bread in the house. The 'Ag Farm' is a small agricultural farm associated with the schools that was only a block from our house. Over the years we've watched pigs, peacocks, ducks, donkies, cows, sheep, goats, and turkeys fight over our snacks.

And now, we adopted the tradition of walking Sadie down there each time we visit the Homestead (my parent's house). It's Sadie's favorite activity! As soon as I get her out of the car she beelines it for the farm instead of their house.

During our visit to the farm a month ago we were shocked to discover the animals were gone! All of them. There wasn't even a chicken we could feed. My mom and I decided maybe they moved them due to the unusually cold weather we've been having lately.

Each week we've gone back to check for their return and each time we come home carrying our delicious bread - no animals! This past week a kind woman stopped to inform us that they sold all the animals! The woman who ran the farm was retiring and the county saw this as an opportunity to save money and so they shut down the farm.

To say we were shocked was an understatement. We kept our composure, for Sadie's sake, but I think my mom and I wanted to have a good cry over the atrocity. This was a favorite tradition in our family and one we fully intended to continue!

But, I won't go down without a fight!! I'm going to sent a letter to the county to get more information and maybe even start a petition to bring them back. What is the world coming to?

(My Mom and Sadie shown above in front of the Ag Farm)

(Sadie waiting and waiting for the animals to show up.)

("Where'd the animals go?")


Joe said...

Cute kid you have.

I may have been the last person to take Sadie down there. I can't remember if it was December or early January when I took her down there and the animals were still there.

I agree it is sad. Are there animals to be fed anywhere else that would just require a longer commute?

Lori said...

I see THIS is the forum you have chosen for your grass roots movement toward bringing back the animals. Good on ya, as they say in England!

Unknown said...

Nooo! I can't believe it. I have similarly fond memories of visiting... and I'm sure most of those visits were made with you and your family. You'll have to post if you get a response from the county.

Alicia said...

I'm not aware of any other farms like this in the area.

Mom and I are going to make signs today that say, "Bring our animals back" and hang them down at the ag farm! I'll try not to get arrested :)

Christy said...

Where did you send your letter? If you would, email me the address and I'll send a letter also. I love that farm. I wonder what they're going to do with all that land.