February 24, 2010

Shy and Shae

Who are Shy and Shae, you may wonder? They are cute 9 year old twin sisters we met on the playground this week. Sadie fell in love with them, and I loved how they entertained Sadie so I could relax (a little).

Here's how they approached me:

Them: "Are you going to have another baby?"

Me: "Yes, I am."

Them: "Oh ya, we could tell!"

{This actually made me feel happy because I think I actually look pregnant now instead of overweight}


Them: "How old are you?"

Me: "Well, I'm 25"

Them: "Wow...."

{A long pause and I hold my breath because I have NO CLUE what they're going to say....}

Them: "That's really young!"

Other one: "Ya, our mom is 38!"

{Happiness fills my inner being and I breath a sigh of relief!}

This was how we ended the conversation:

Them: "Um...where does your baby come out?"

{Loooooonnnnggggg pause by me as I contemplate how to gracefully change this line of questioning}

Them, again: "Like, does it come out your belly?"

Me (relieved): "Yes, sometimes it does come out of your belly when women have a c-section."

Them: "Oh, did you have a c-section?"

Me (worried, again): "Um, no I didn't."

Other sister (with a coy look): "I know what happened!"

At this point I figured I better get going! But they were quite funny and helpful for the short hour we spent together on the playground.


Christy said...

That's great. They look like really nice girls. I'm glad Sadie made new friends!

Valerie said...

That is so funny! Nice job with the c-section diversion :) When is your baby boy due again?

Kimmy said...