January 31, 2010

Better Late Than Never

Our wintry trip to Utah last year was activity-based (snowboarding, snowshoeing, sledding) whereas their year was mostly social-based. We visited with lots of friends and family that we haven't seen in a few years. Sadly, I was a little forgetful in my picture taking, so I don't have pictures with a lot of the people we visited. But we/I saw and visited with Troy, Becky, Jadyn, Kurt, Desiree, Cliffie, Natalie, Lane, Bekah, Logan, Clint, Grandma Doris, Richard, Nancy, Kimmy, Christy, Shelby, Raven, Marnie, Cindy, Grandma Johnson, Dave, Audrey, Autumn, Jerry, Heather, Katy, Krissy, Kaelyn, Kelly, and Chante. Lots of socializing! It was wonderful, but I miss everyone already. I think heaven will be so wonderful because we'll have all the people we love in one place instead of feeling seperated or lonesome for them. That will be so nice.

(Sadie shown below jabbing Grandma Johnson; Grandma thought she was so clever and funny)

(Becky, Jadyn, Sadie, Ben, and Cliffie shown below playing ring-around-the-rosie)

(Sadie did not like sharing the piano with Jadyn!)

(Shown below: This is so classic of what Ben does when we're in Utah. After dinner him and his brothers all lay on the floor and dose off while the sister-in-laws, Natalie, and Cliffie talk about them.)

(Homeward bound... Sadie did GREAT on the flight home.)


Johnson Family said...

How fun to see so many people while you were there! We always have so many people we like to see when we are there too. It's hard to fit everyone in.

Kaelyn said...

I can't believe you got everyone you got to see listed in your post! Sadie is so cute! She seems like she is such fun! You couldn't even really tell you were pregnant when we saw you.

As far as the car seat canopy thing goes. I used this website to get the idea of how to make it. It was WAY easy to make and trust me mine was far from perfect and you couldn't even tell.


Unknown said...

I was really happy that you could make it to Katy's shower; it has been way too long since I have seen you. In fact, I'm trying to remember when the last time was that I saw you. Before this trip, I'm thinking it was the Christmas of 2005 when we had FHE at your parents' house. Anyway, I enjoyed visiting with you... and Nolan was happy to meet you, too! :)