January 20, 2010

Sadester & The Kimmo

Utah was fabulous, freezing, and refreshing. As always, our favorite part of the trip was visiting with wonderful family and friends. Sadie especially loves her aunts with a vengeance (Kimmy, Christy, and Natalie), and they are all so fun-loving and patient with her. She's one loved and lucky little gal!!!

Here are some cute pictures of Sadie and Kimmy. They are the BEST of friends!

(Shown above: Sadie tickling herself with Auntie Kimmy's hair.)

(Above: Sadie became a little over-zealous as she blindly smashes Kimmy's hair in her face.)

(Sadie can be seen above identifying Kimmy's facial features.)

(Sadie shown above pulling Kimmy's hair while Kimmy patiently endures.)

(Can you hear Sadie eagerly insisting on "MORE! MORE!" in the picture above? She can never get enough when it comes to play time with Kimmy!)


Lori said...

In reference to your last photo and comment, "Who really can?"

Kimmy said...

Best blog post. Ever.