January 24, 2010

The Announcement

Sorry for all the suspense,
I hope it wasn't too intense!

But it sure has been fun for us
to create this big fuss.

This baby will make our life swirl,
but we are sure gonna love this little BOY!

We've officially told the family! I have to say it was great, at least for me, to be able to wait and see their reaction in person instead of just calling them on the phone. They were a little upset with us for making them wait, though. Hopefully they'll forgive us one day :)

Other versions of the poem:

Today we celebrated the second birthday of Sadie.
She has become quite the little lady.

She has a special announcement to tell,
it really makes our hearts swell.

As you may know,
Alicia is starting to show.

And in this coming June,
it will be a BOY to emerge from her cocoon!

Or, this alternate beginning to the poem above:

Despite the tragedy in Haiti,
we still celebrated the second birthday of Sadie.


Kristy said...

haha (this might make me sound a little slow) but the first thing I thought was swirl doesn't rhyme with boy! haha But I got it, you were trying to make it rhyme with girl but it was actually a boy... ohhhhhh! haha took me a minute but I got there:) How exciting for you! Boys really are so much fun too! I'm excited to see what this little Johnson looks like! Congratulations!

Raven said...

Yay! Boys are so great--I know I sure love my little guy and I can't wait to meet your sweet boy someday! Yay for blue!