May 01, 2012

A Month of Dinners

I don't know why but I decided to document a month's worth of dinners.  It was a helpful to see the broad picture and think about where we need to improve.  I did miss a few meals including Easter and I left out the food from the Orlando trip and there were two nights when we just had cereal and fruit and I didn't bother to take a picture those evenings.  These are not in chronological order.  So, here we go....

Crockpot Ranch Chicken with carrots and corn with green beans.

French toast (made by Ben) with homemade oatmeal bread (made by me).

Strawberry, peach, banana smoothies.  McKay LOVES smoothies.

Ranch chicken with peas and corn.  We ate this during conference.

Chicken tortilla soup (eaten two nights in a row).

Breakfast burritos.  Made quickly on a Wednesday night.

Green smoothie eaten with the breakfast burritos.

Thai chicken noodle salad (eaten two nights).

Lasagna (eaten two nights) with salad (not shown). 

Chicken Cesar salad and homemade white bread.

Thai chicken pizza, made with the leftover dressing from the Thai noddle salad.

Baked potato soup (there was salad and bread, too).

Chicken pillows with corn and green beans.

Chicken panang - a Thai dish.

$5 pizza, eaten 3 times *gasp*.  It's just so convenient, cheap, and creates so few dishes.
Pulled pork tacos with the pico de gallo (shown below and eaten twice).

Lemon butter chicken - one of my favorites, but not very healthy.
Indian Butter Chicken to celebrate the formation of the first Stake in India.
For the record, our dishwasher has not worked for the last two or three months and I think Ben has done the dishes maybe 5 times this year because he's always on the go and when's he's home we always say, "Oh forget the dishes and let's have family time."  So, we throw everything in the sink, and then I end up doing them the next morning.  Perhaps it's time to call a repair man?!?!  I enjoy cooking the meals but I hate to clean up afterwards.

Also, for the record, Jax enjoys most of the meals; but Sadie only ate the French Toast, pizza, bread, corn, and pasta.  Her dinners are almost always fruit, yogurt, cheese, or bread.  


Johnson Family said...

Every one of the meals you made looks gourmet Alicia! Sadie's tastes appear to be like Tyler's except he would have only eaten the french toast, corn, and pasta (only if it is spaghetti). He is extremely picky. I wonder sometimes how he is surviving on what he does eat.
Great job as well on making such a variety of dishes, and from different countries as well. I have never attempted that.

Unknown said...

Beautiful photos and great variety. This post reminds me yet again that I need to learn more photo tips from you.

Shelby said...

i love this post! you are such a good photographer!