May 17, 2012

Port Richey Waterfront Park

Yes McKay, do you have a question?

Why do kids love to eat mulch?

They thought they saw a shark.  

Cricchio and Addison.

Jenny and Emerose.

Sadie, Andrew, Jocie, and Jax.  Jax's shoes were too tight so I had to take them off - FYI.

There was a man catching fish with a net and he let the kids look at and touch them.  

Love their looks of concentration!

The fish kept jumping and they would squeal with laughter.

Impromptu lunch consisting of the snacks we had in our cars.

He enjoyed his lunch, especially the fishy crackers and Gerber cookies from Cricchio.

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Steph said...

We had such a great time! I LOVE the pictures, especially the one of Sadie at the dock. I noticed you aren't in any of them. Next time I'm taking your camera so you can be in the pictures. ;)

Johnson Family said...

You live in such a pretty place Alicia. I always love to see the water, beach, and palm trees in the background of all your pictures.
It looks like the kids loved the outing too, especially the part with the fish. I love their reactions!