May 20, 2012

Picture-Filled Weekend

I've taken well over 1000 pictures since Thursday.

On Thursday I had a photo shoot with family friends:

Ben took off work Friday.  We've had temple trips the last three Saturdays and this past Saturday Ben had a camp out with the young men.  He's the new YMs President - FYI, much more doable for us.  Anyways, that means it's been four Saturdays of no down time or relaxing naps or deep cleans.  So, for my mental sanity, he took of Friday so we could have a family day.  We went to the pool and did chores and took naps and then he left for the campout around 4PM.

Still learning to swim.  She's close but still doesn't quite have it down.

Jax fell asleep like this after his shower.  The pool really wore him out.
 Ben was still gone Saturday morning and into early afternoon with the YM.  He mowed the lawn when he got home and then Sadie and I did a little shopping and ran errands.  That evening I did a photo shoot with the Cricchios.

While editing their pictures last night I realized it has been so long since I've done nicer, posed portraits of my kids.  So tonight we went back to the same spots and I *tried* to get some good pictures.  They weren't in the most cooperative mood.  I got decent individual pictures but never achieved a great sibling picture.  Oh well, I'll have to try again sometime :)  I'm saving the good pictures for a different post.  Here are a few though:

 Sibling picture outtakes:

One other noteworthy bit of news is that we made it all the way through Sacrament meeting today without having to leave.  That was nice. 

So, there you have it: our weekend.  

We have a busy month up ahead.  My parents are in Hawaii so we're going to go have a staycation at their house at the end of this week May 24 - 28th.  Christy just had her baby (Madeleine Josephine) so McKay and I are going to go to Utah to visit and hopefully help from May 29th through June 2nd.  Then we're going to the Keys with the Meyers Fam from June 6th - 9th.  And P.S. Sarah is going to take our family pictures while down there and I'm quite excited for that photo shoot.  I just hope the kids will be happy and cooperative.  Jax's birthday is the 16th of June, Father's Day is the day after that, and Mike's birthday is the day after that.  Should be fun.

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Johnson Family said...

It sounds like you've got a lot of fun things going on to start off the summer. Have fun! Very cute pictures by the way.