April 22, 2012

Sick Kiddos

We spent our weekend cuddling sick children.  They have fevers and they're very lethargic.  McKay is about over his ailment but the other two are still struggling.  Sadie's fever got up to 103.  She always gets higher fevers than the other two.  Poor baby.  

He's such a sweet, attentive father.  

Jax fell asleep like this tonight.  He was actually trying to poop and just didn't have the strength and layed his head in my lap and fell asleep.

McKay crawled up and wanted his picture taken, too. He's feeling better.

Sadie doesn't want us to leave her side....so we don't.

We've been watching old church videos all day.  This is It's A Miracle.  VERY entertaining!

All day she's said, "Daddy can I hold you?"

This weekend has reminded me of Sadie's first two years of life and how hard they were.  She was always sick or uncomfortable.  At 22 months things changed; not sure what sparked the change.  It just isn't fair that she had such a rough start to life, and she's been trying to catch up ever since.  I love her.  I'm so grateful for her usual good health and strong little body!

My family is my greatest happiness.  I'm so grateful for them.    

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Johnson Family said...

I'm so sorry all the kids have been sick. They look like they're feeling miserable. It must be hard having three sick kids at the same time. I can't remember that ever happening to me. The illness usually gets staggered over a couple weeks. I hope all of you get your rest and feel better very soon. I'm sure you'll enjoy posting pictures with smiles on their faces when the kids are all feeling well :)