April 16, 2012


Ben was released on Sunday. My happiness knows no bounds :)  We're meeting with the new Bishop, Bishop May, on Wednesday.  We'll see what our future holds.  

Since my last post (10 minutes ago) Jax wet in the toilet perfectly.  I've never been so proud!

We have a busy week up ahead:

  • Pool with the Smiths tonight
  • Tuesday morning playdate with the Andersens and taking dinner to two families that night
  • Wednesday my mom is coming up, we're meeting with Bishop that night, and I'm teaching the Web-lows about photography
  • Thursday - can't remember, but I think I have something set up.  Oh dear, what is it?  There's a baptism that night - maybe that's it?
  • Friday - Joy School in Seminole and date that night if we're lucky ;)
  • Saturday - beach clean-up in AM.  I think that's all!
  • Sunday - we're having a dinner party with ward members at our house.  We've been doing those once a month.
  • Monday and Tuesday - Ben has a convention in Orlando and I think I'm going with him.  Not sure if we'll take all the kids or just McKay?
Here's pics from lately....

John's Pass

He never knows what to think of cold things.

Burying her Easter Bunny....again.

A walk one evening.....

I kiss him.

He kisses me back.

Makes me laugh every time I see it.

She tries to be serious when posing for pictures lately.

Playing with the neighbor girls on the trampoline.

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