October 01, 2009

A 'Conversation' With Sadie

This was my Sunday afternoon conversation with Sadie:

Me: "Hey Sadie! You want to have a little interview and practice your tricks?"

(Sadie's thought: Well, I had some plans to torment Shadow,
but I guess I could squeeze you in.)

Me: "Okay, I'll take that as a 'yes'!"

Me: "First question - how old are you?"

(Sadie's thought: Let's see....how old was I again?)

Me: "No silly! You're not three; you're only one, remember? Did you forget?"

(Sadie's thought: I could have sworn I was three!)

Me: "Let's try an easier one....Sadie, where's your elbow?"

(Sadie's thought: Elbow, elbow, elbow....oh ya, isn't that over here?)

Me: "Good job! Hey Sade, I forget, how old are you today, again?"

(Sadie's thought: This lady can be so forgetful sometimes!
Doesn't she know I'm four??)

Me: "You're four now!!! Wow - that's funny, I thought you were only one."

Me: "Where's your belly button."

(Sadie's thought: I hate it when she puts me in these frilly dresses!)

Me: "Having trouble finding it? That's okay! What about your nose? Can you find your nose?"

(Sadie's thought: I know that's around here somewhere!)

Me: "Actually, those are you toes, not your nose. But, close, really close!"

Me: "What about your Flexor digitorum superficialis...where's that?"

(Sadie's thought: The WHAT??)

Me: "Just kidding!"

(Sadie's thought: Not so funny Mom!)

Me: "Last question...you want to go eat Oreos with peanut butter before Dad comes home? It'll be our little secret!"

(Sadie's thought: I love my mom!)

Me: "Love you too Sadie!"


Lori said...

OK, THAT was pretty darn funny!!!

Sharla said...

You are so funny. And Sadie is such a cutie. I love your posts!

Joe said...

LOVED the conversation with Sadie. Keep up the good work. These conversation posts really work for you. That one with Ben about his car was really good as well.
I can't believe how Sadie keeps growing up so much every day.

Unknown said...

Truly adorable. I love how the conversations so perfectly match the photos. I can't believe how grown up Sadie looks, either. Before you know it, she'll be holding up those 4 fingers... but it will be the right age!

Kimmy said...

hahaha! I love sadie. and I love to think of what she might be saying when you ask her questions. I hope I have a daughter exactly like her one day. She is sooo adorable!

Sarah said...

That was such a cute post!! LOVED IT! You captured your question and answer game with her perfectly. And I swear it hasn't been that long since I saw Sadie ... but she's looking older again! Kids grow up way too fast :(

Crystal and Jordan said...

so cute!!!