October 27, 2009


This is Ben. This is my first post. I'm not much for words and certainly not as talented as my clever spouse, so you can probably skip this post and wait patiently for the next one. But for those of you who have two minutes to spare and would like to know a few of the ways Sadie has changed in the last few months, read on....

She now drinks out of a sippy cup. It took us a really long time to get her to do this, so if feels like a big deal to us. It was a struggle to get her off the bottle.

Sometimes when she falls she doesn't cry. Our little Sadie has very tender feelings. And though, often when she falls she's not hurt physically you would think she was by her dramatic crying and big alligator tears. Lately, however, she's having so much fun running around that when she falls she gets right back up and continues on her happy rampage.

She likes me! For a long time Sadie didn't like me very much. Despite my best efforts - she was a mama's girl. She wouldn't even let me hold her. The tide is starting to turn, so to speak. She'll sit on my lap, enjoys playtime at night with me, and her face lights up when I get home from work and she runs to me and gives me hugs and kisses. Love it.

She sleeps through the night. After 19 long months of little to no sleep and nighttime feedings and cryings our little one has finally come of age. Though it's a challenge at times to get her to fall asleep, once she's down she's typically down for the night. I feel 5 years younger (but don't look it - that's for sure).

Sadie is really understanding what we say to her. When we ask her to put her shoes on she goes into her room and can usually find a matching pair and sometimes even comes out wearing them. Tonight she fell down on her face and Alicia asked her where she got hurt and she pointed to her nose. It's so nice to be able to communicate with her!

For those of you still reading - thank you for your time and attention. I hope you have enjoyed my update about our little girl. Talk to you next year!

*I am Ben Johnson and I approve this message*


Joe said...

Next year? Ben, it was nice to read into your mind a bit. Keep posting. I liked how you made the first sentence of each paragraph a blue font. Sadie sounds a lot of fun. I agree that I love it that Joseph stretches his little head around the corner when he hears me come through the door at night. One of the best feelings. He is pretty tough also. He bonks his head all the time and the crying ceases the second we pick him up. Sleeping through the night on the other hand - a different story.

Kimmy said...

i like the part where you say, my name is ben johnson and i approve this message.

Christy said...

Ben- great post. I agree with Joseph. You should post more often. Alicia is clever but it's nice to hear from you too!

Lori said...