October 20, 2009

Stephany's Baby Shower

My cousin Stephany is going to soon have a little baby boy, Ethan Carter. We celebrated with them this past weekend at my parent's house. We also celebrated Aunt Sharon's BIG 6-0 birthday.

(Shown above: Stephany and Mike, the proud parents-to-be.)

(Big brother Trae above. He did all the decorating for the party...it turned out great!)

(Mike shown above with new toy monkey on head)

(Above: Aunt Susie shown looking nicely, as always)

(Aunt Sharon, also known as 'Birthday Girl', shown opening a present)

(Gigi, my 90 year old grandma shown above)

(Aunt Debbie can be seen above looking happy and content)

(Sharon and Trae shown in a sweet embrace)

(Stephany shown opening presents....Aunt CharChar made this outfit)

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Christy said...

Great pictures. It looks like everyone had fun. Thanks Alicia!