October 22, 2009

Fall Is A Floridian's Spring

This week's I discovered that my favorite season is now fall. Not because we have the changing of leaves or beautiful apply orchards or the trademark 'crispness' in the air.

The reason I love fall is because finally after 4 long, hot months the weather is becoming tolerable again. Finally I can start going on outdoor walks without endangering my life or my child's health. Finally I can get into the car without worrying about burning myself. Now I can have worms in my compost pile without them getting cooked to death. Now I can sleep with the windows open at night. Now I can meet Ben for lunch at the park. Now I have look forward to 8 beautiful months of perfect weather.

Northerns probably look forward to spring the same way Floridians look forward to fall. After their long winters of being stuck indoors and only being permitted outside in layers of cumbersome clothes - spring comes. Same thing in Florida, except our enemy is the hot summer's day when you can only go outside if wearing a bathing suit and you have to have a body of water closeby to jump into.

As a teenager I loved summertime, but motherhood has changed that. It takes me an hour to pack up all the gear for the pool or beach and another hour to clean everything up afterwards. Also, swimming is not as leisurely when trying to control a toddler running around the pool. No ma'am - that's just stressful. Maybe next summer will be different, but these past two summers we have spent most of our time indoors. And I was going crazy!

But, fall is here! And fall brings the excitement of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. Three months of holidays with lots of vacation time spent with family. What could be better? I already feel healthier with all the fresh air, extra exercise, and anticipation of the months to come.


Sharla said...

Wow. You are a good salesperson for Florida. :) (Well, except for your description of the sweltering summer.) Sounds wonderful.

Kimmy said...

mmmm i miss the warm weather. I am so tired of being cold and it hasn't even snowed yet this year.