September 28, 2009

Good 'Ole Stuart

Sadie, my Mom, and I had a wonderful good time in Stuart, Florida last week while visiting my Aunt Charmaine and Uncle Jim. They really know how to make people feel welcomed.

Aunt Charmaine is an amazingly talented and creative person. She quilts, paints, cooks, and decorates. She doesn't just casually do these things, though. This woman wins awards and creates masterpieces! Also, her smile and jovial personality always light up the room. She is so fun to be around!

These are some of her paintings hanging around her house:

Uncle Jim is my Mom's oldest sibling and only brother. He may be the smartest person I know. I think he got a perfect SAT score! He went to MIT and earned a degree in chemical engineering and then went to Medical School at the University of Miami. He has my most favorite sense of humor: quick witted and intelligent. Also, he has a really warm, kind personality that always makes me feel at ease.

Now, on to our trip....

These first pictures were taken at a Children's museum.

(Sadie shown above steering the boat!)

(Sadie was really having fun with the blocks.)

(Joseph, do you like her shirt?)

(They had an entire mini-grocery store. Sadie loved, loved, loved it! She would have stayed there the entire day if we had let her.)

(Sadie can be seen above tentatively accepting a pretend cookie from the pretend bakery counter from Aunt Charmaine.)

(After the museum we went to this outdoor fountain play park for kids. It was right on the water and we walked out on the pier afterward. Again, Sadie loved every moment of it!)

(Sadie can be seen above responding to my question of: "how old are you?" She insists she's two!)

(Aunt Charmaine and my Mom got all dressed up and went for brunch at the Tea Room. They had a delightful time!)

(Aunt Charmaine and Uncle Jim's outfits seem so cheerful, don't they?!?)

(Sadie shown above chowing down after a long day of fun!)

Special thanks to Aunt Charmaine and Uncle Jim for making this post necessary :)


Christy said...

Looks like you three had a lot of fun in Stuart. It is great to be around Uncle Jim and Aunt Charmaine.

Joe said...

Love the shirt. Can't believe how different she looks in just the 6 weeks since we were there.

Kimmy said...

I am so jealous!!! When I heard you were going I wanted to go so bad!! :( Maybe next summer?

Sarah said...

I can't believe how old Sadie looks in those first pictures of her! She is so cute :) Great pictures Alicia!

Johnson Family said...

I love the pictures of your trip with your mom and Sadie. Sadie is looking beautiful as usual and has grown up so much in the last couple of months!

Kristy said...

Man Alicia! Sadie is getting so big and will totally be "2" before you know it! Time flies by so fast! It looks like you had a fun time. I love visiting family. Oh and I loved your list about Ben on his birthday. You guys are so cute. I hope you guys are all doing so well!