September 08, 2009


We have started an annual tradition of renting a boat when my siblings come home for the summer. It's something we look forward to and it's always a fun-filled day when lots of memories are made. This year was no exception!

Ben was especially adventurous this boating trip. No speed was fast enough for him and no maneuver could flip him despite our best efforts. One trick he thoroughly enjoyed was leaning far off the tube and skimming his hands along the surface of the water. We didn't think much of it until he woke up the next morning and noticed that his wedding ring was missing. After turning the house upside down without being able to find it, we decided that his stunts from the day before had cost him the symbol of our love and commitment to one another.

It was a sad discovery! I paid nearly $300 for that ring and he wore it just shy of 4 years. He has been walking around the streets of Florida with a naked left hand for the past couple weeks. I guess it's time to begin our ring shopping again....

(This may be the exact moment it fell off!)

(Ben and Joseph seen above trying to stand up. Shortly after this moment Ben attempted to push Joseph off the tube)

(Shown above are Julie and Alicia. Believe it or not, we had a serious conversation about how to loss baby weight all during this ride.)

(Sadie was practically perfect the whole day and even slept for the last hour or two in Ben's arms.)

(Kimmy seen above with the Bayside Bridge.)

To Ben's wedding ring, whatever beach you may be on: rest in peace as you sleep with the fishes. I hope you bring much happiness to the lives of your seamates, as you have brought joy to ours. We'll always remember you!


Joe said...

Too funny. Sad for you I guess. I wonder how many people go their whole lives without ever losing their ring. I take mine off and play with it way to much to expect to hold on to it my whole life.

Unknown said...

Well, some lady here in Utah just got reunited with her late husband's wedding ring that had been missing for 37 years... so who knows? Maybe some diver will find the ring 40 years from now and you can have it back ;)

Aside from that loss, it looks like you guys had lots of fun boating!

Lori said...

Don't take it personally. Nate has lost, not one, but TWO symbols of our undying love to one another. He once went nearly a year before I broke down and bought him a new one, and only then, because some of his patients were either hitting on him or trying to set him up with their granddaughters. They have both been lost since we have lived in Pinellas, once at the beach. I'm sure some guy with a metal detector found it two nights later, after we searched for hours.

Alicia said...

Lori, I laughed out loud while reading your comment! You have a very funny husband. Ben and I still laugh about that post you did about him falling off the treadmill!!

Joe (Dad) said...

I find our annual boat outing alot of fun. Sorry Ben, we don't have such problems at the golf course. So next time we golf rather than boat.