September 27, 2009

Family Health Pledge

About a month ago my siblings and I (along with our reluctant parents - yes Dad, I'm talking to YOU) decided to set a code of health for our ideal lifestyle and then take a pledge and try to stick to the goals. We call it "THE FAMILY HEALTH PLEDGE". Here's the outline:


  1. Increase your physical activity! __________ minutes/day.
  2. Watch less TV! _____ hours/day or _______ hours/week.
  3. Spend more time outside.
  4. Serve others! At least one good deed per day.
  5. Go on at least ______ dates with spouse per month.


  1. Eat ____ fruits and _____ vegetables per day.
  2. Eliminate sweetened drinks, junk food, and processed foods.
  3. Limit sugar/dessert food!! Dessert permitted ______ per week.
  4. Drink ____ glasses of water each day.
  5. Eat big breakfasts and small dinners; no snacking after _____pm!!


  1. Maintain good dental hygiene! Floss daily. See dentist biannually.
  2. Sleep 8 hours! Go to bed at _____ pm and wake up at _____ am.
  3. Read _____ book(s) per month; scriptures _____ minutes per day.
  4. Keep home clean and well-organized.
  5. Set monthly personal goal.

I'll let you know that I've researched most of these topics and the benefits from these activities are unbelievable!

There have been some challenges in me meeting my goals, mostly Sadie and/or I have been sick or teething for the past two months. But, we are both finally healthy at the same time so I hope to resume our morning walks and other activities.

Joseph created a spreadsheet in Google documents where we monitor our progress. Although I haven't been using it - I plan to start this week.

Now we are always joking with each other to 'stick to the code'. I am. Are you?


Raven said...

What a great idea, Alicia! Maybe I'll have to copy you :)

Kimmy said...

Wait, there's a spreadsheet? I don't know how to use this. Joseph Anthony! Please email me with directions and such. ;) love you
AND, I have not made up my mind about the Utah game, but I secretly have. Sorry charlie.. ;)