January 11, 2011


One evening when Matt was visiting we visited the beach for sunset.  I love sunset!  Truly, it is the most wonderful time of the day, I think.

It's strange to me that when I'm inside sunset is the most stressful time of the day - the kids are getting tired and fussy, I'm stressed about getting dinner ready, and I'm anxious for Ben to get home.  However, I've discovered that if I take the kids on a walk or outback to play about that time everything feels so much more peaceful and happy and calm.  It's really such a relaxing and beautiful time of day to be outside!  I'm a much happier person when I remember to look up from the chaos of the day and enjoy the sunset each night.

Anyways, we went to the beach for sunset....these are my pictures from the night.

Jax is learning to sit up.  Isn't he so cute?

Christy holds baby Jax so I can take some pictures.
My mom searching for shells.

Sadie shown above smiling for the camera.  A little cheesy but I'll take what I can get :)

Matt and Christy with Jax watching the sunset. 


Sharla said...

Beautiful pictures! Personally, I LOVE the cheesy smile that Sadie is giving. Cute girl!

Johnson Family said...

These pictures are so pretty! I especially like the first ones with Jax. You are so lucky to live near a beach. I hope to live near one some day. Being near the ocean is the best!

Christy said...

Great pictures Alicia. Thanks for taking and posting them!