January 08, 2011

New Years Eve

New Year's Eve we had a wonderful kick-back day with my family.  In the early afternoon we went to Adrenalina for some in-door surfing.  Well, Ben, Joseph, Kimmy, and Christy all did the surfing.  I sat out this time but have hopes of trying it one day.

Kimmy's stellar skills displayed above.  

Little Joe shown above riding a wave.

That evening we met back at my parents' house for some homemade pizza, snacks, and games. 

Also, Christy's 'special friend' came to visit from Utah.  His name was Matt and he was very nice and very tall (6 feet 5 inches).

Christy and Matt cleaning up the dishes at 11PM.
Quick family picture (minus Jax) before we left.
New Year's kiss :)

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Johnson Family said...

Bret and Marissa did in-door surfing at Great Wolf Lodge. They loved it! I thought it looked fun too, but was deterred by the warnings that your bathing suit might come off due to the force of the water. Maybe some day when I'm feeling brave.
Happy New Year's to all of you!