November 24, 2010

Life Lately 11.24.10

Is it really Thanksgiving already?  Time is flying by!  Speaking of flying...we bought tickets to go to Utah for Christmas today (Dec 22 - 27).  This will be my first white Christmas.  In our five years of marriage Ben and I have always spend Christmas in Florida.  In fact, this is my first ever Christmas away from 'home'.  It will be different and maybe even a little hard for me but I'm sure we'll have fun!

In other news, Ethan turned two last week and Sadie had a blast at his birthday party.  The most favorite item at the birthday party was the pinata. 

The aftermath
Sarah made these cute ornaments with the kids. 

The cake - yummy!

Some other noteworthy information - my mom had surgery on her shoulder this past Monday.  They cleared out inflamed tissue which has been causing her pain.  We really, really hope this will help her feel better!  It's really sad to see her uncomfortable so much of the time.

Also, I was recently released from my calling with the Young Women at church.  Now I make the ward program and I am the public affairs specialist.  It was bittersweet to be released.  I really enjoy the youth but it was impossible for me to successfully do my calling and support Ben in his calling at the same time.  So, it was probably necessary, but a little sad nonetheless. 

And that is a little about our life lately.

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