November 09, 2010

Happy Halloween

Holidays get better with each passing year.  I enjoy Halloween more as an adult than I did as a child.  It is a blast to watch Sadie's enthusiasm, curiosity, and reaction to each new holiday.

On Saturday (10/30) we went to a fall festival / pumpkin patch / corn maze in Sarasota with my family.

Ethan shown above on a ride.

Sadie has no fear of animals.  She loved petting the goats, pigs, donkeys, and sheep.

I think this is a sweet picture of my dad and Sadie, no?

The kids especially enjoyed the butterfly exhibit.  Sadie giggled with delight the whole 5 minutes she was in there. 

My mom, Sarah, Jax, and I went browsing through the crafts while the crew below went through the corn maze. 

That evening we had our ward's Trunk-or-Treat party.  Sadie was pretty hesitant about going up to strangers, but once she realized they had buckets full of candy she loved it.

Ben pinned a printout of a quarter on his back as his Quarterback costume and I was a pumpkin.

On Halloween we planned to take Sadie Trick-or-Treating to our direct neighbors homes and then sit out front and visit with passerbys - so as to appear friendly.  A few friends also came over to visit - the Cricchios and Tickners.  Sadie loved trick-or-treating and we ended up going all the way up and down our road.  We had such a great time!

Cricchios, Tickers and Johnson shown above.

Jax fell asleep two minutes into the walk.

Happy Halloween!

Can't wait until next year :)


Joe said...

That first picture of Sadie is priceless. Nice editing work.

You should have come on the hay ride with us at the pumpkin festival. Joseph loved it almost as much as the butterflies.

Johnson Family said...

Holidays are so much fun to celebrate with kids. They make every little thing so exciting.
Cute costumes!