November 17, 2010

Eclectic Pajamas

This past Saturday I was taking pictures with Sarah so Ben did bedtime by himself.  I had a good laugh at 3am when I woke up to find Jax dressed like this:

 What is funny about this outfit?
  1. The top is a newborn set up PJs that Ben couldn't get buttoned
  2. The pants are Sadie's size 18 months pajama bottoms
  3. Underneath he had a long sleeve onesie of Sadie's - size 18 months.  (Although, the onesie fit him surprisingly well)

Then on another evening Ben was in a funny mood and dressed Sadie in these pajamas:

Funny items about this outfit include:
  1. That shirt (the top shirt in the first picture) was mine when I was growing up and it's way too big for her.
  2. He buttoned the onesie on the outside of the leggings.
  3. The shirt is one of Ethan's that is actually too small for her and has a tie on the front.
  4. The leggings are not PJs at all; they go to a dress set she has.
  5. AND, as a side note, she was actually wearing Jax's smaller diapers underneath those crazy PJs.

This may have been Ben's really subtle way of saying it is time to do the kid's laundry.  What do you think?


Christy said...

Ben, you are funny! Nice outfit choices. The kids look happy in it, which is what really matters. :)

Jordan and Crystal said...

Thats hilarious. Jordan does the same thing to Daniel. I will come home and wonder what the heck he put on Daniel. Oh well they try right?

Valerie said...

I thought the title was 'electric' pajamas! It didn't take too long for me to figure it out though :) Haha