October 19, 2010

Speech Analysis

Love that little face!
For quite some time now I have debated whether to have Sadie tested for speech problems.  She is 2 and three-quarters and just barely starting to use two and three words.  She has a vocabulary of about 50 - 100 words but many of them are only decipherable to me.  Her comprehension of language is outstanding, but her ability to produce speech is very limited.

Last week I decided it was time. 

So, today she and I headed downtown for 'school' (that's what I called it).  They did a full developmental and speech analysis.  They asked her hundreds of questions....Which is the boy?  Where is the ball?  Which one is yellow?  Can you hand me the big one?  Who is taller?  Can you kick?  Where did the ball go?  Who is the daddy?  Can you sing a song?  What's your name?  How old are you?  Which utensil would you use to drink soup?  Can you walk backwards?  Where is your nose?  It went on and on and on.  Luckily she was really enjoying herself and the women there were wonderful with her.  She had four 'teachers' all to herself.

I was bracing for bad news at the end of our eligibility screening, but they informed us that she is well-within normal range.  I was pleasantly surprised!  The normal range for her age group was a score of 80 - 120 and her overall score was a 92.  Hmm. 

Although I'm grateful she's *normal*, I still feel like she would benefit from speech therapy.  They provided me with resources and suggestions of exercises. So, I guess I will run my own speech therapy program at home with her.  Perhaps our first assignment will be creating a video of her saying all the words she currently knows.  Stay tuned for that and then give me your two cents!


Johnson Family said...

This picture of Sadie reminds me of some pictures I've seen of Ben when he was little. Very similar!
What kind of exercises did the speech therapists give you to work on?

Kimmy said...

yay yay yay for sadie! I think her speech is perfect. There is nothing wrong with a child saying, "NO!!! WANT KIMMY!!!" ;)