October 11, 2010

Sadie the Babysitter

Since my pregnancy and the arrival of Jax Sadie has become quite a little mother. Her favorite activity is playing with 'Fufu', her little bunny. She feeds him, rocks him, puts him in Jax's bouncy seat, and even *tries* to change his diaper.

The other morning I was washing dishes and peeked over the counter to find her smearing vaseline all over Fufu.

Sadie shown above with her bunny fufu
She uses an empty eye drop container for his bottle.
Sometimes I will ask Sadie to 'babysit' Jax so I can get something done i.e. sit with him and make faces. She always happily cooperates. One day I was working on a blog post and had her babysitting Jax in our futon chair and noticed she was getting frustrated. I turned around and saw this:
She was trying to stack coins on his head and they kept falling off.  She's one funny little kid!

Sadie shown above babysitting Jax.

A few days later I was washing the dishes (I feel like I'm ALWAYS doing dishes!) when Jax started fussing in his seat. I asked Sadie to play with her brother so I could finish my last couple pots. They were being remarkably quiet and I, again, peaked over the bar to see this:

Jax loves for his sister to be near.
She had sat down with him in his bouncy seat and was stroking his forehead.  He was as happy as could be!  So, I stopped and quick took a picture. Then I hustled to get my dishes done.  Well, they sat like that for at least another 20 minutes.  My kitchen was sparkling!

She is such a good big sister!
I'm so happy they have each other.  Probably one day, in the not so distant future, the bickering will begin; but, for now, I am really enjoying watching them interact.


Sarah said...

This is such a cute post! I love how sweet Sadie is with Jax. They look so sweet all cuddled up in that bouncy seat :) I love that she was putting coins on his head ... that just cracks me up!

Johnson Family said...

The two of them do seem to get along just great! Jax seems very patient with his big sister, and Sadie loves to take care of him.
I love how my kids watch out for one another as well. Marissa often calms Derek when he's sad or she plays with him, and Derek likes to protect Tyler. Whenever Tyler starts crawling towards the stairs Derek chases Tyler, grabs his ankles, and yells "Mommy come get Tyler! He's needs you."
It's nice to have family watching out for you.

Heather said...

OMG...I love that last picture when Jax is resting his head on his big sister!! Adorable. I'm glad they have each other. It makes me KINDA want another one :)...in a few years! haha

Grandma Cliffie "Maa-Maa-Fee Fee" said...

I have the sweetest grandchildren!! Loved this post! :)

Shelby said...

I LOVE how Sadie is crossing her legs. You're a great photographer!