October 21, 2010

Fire Station

Do you know that I try really hard to be a 'fun' mom?  Almost every day I try to think of fun things to do and places to go.  And do you know what my precious little one usually says, "Want home!" 

I take her to the library...."Want home!"
I take her to church...."Want home!"
I take her to the park...."Want home!"
Shopping, playdates, Grammie's house, out to lunch...."Want home!"

She is her father's child: a homebody!

I am always telling her, "Sadie, this is suppose to be fun.  This is what good moms do!  Try to enjoy it a little."

Once we arrive at our destination it usually takes her 45 minutes of observation before she'll participate.  Thankfully, once she does warm up she almost always has a fabulous time.  And don't you know that when it is time to head home she is usually devastated and cries. The irony!

Which means - I endure the car ride of hearing her say "want home", the 45 minutes of her wanting to sit on my lap and me trying to encourage her to play, and a meltdown when we have to leave - all so that she can have 15 or 30 minutes of enjoyment.  Is is worth it?  I hope so!

Anyways, that's how this play date to the fire station went.....

This is as close as I could get her to the truck until the very end.

Sadie's good friend, Andrew.

FINALLY, she sat on the front of the truck :)

This is her group of friends.  So cute!

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Johnson Family said...

Derek would have loved to be part of this activity! Firetrucks and riding lawn mowers are so fun.
I'm happy to hear Sadie enjoyed a little of her outing.
Whenever I take Derek to the library for story time he doesn't want to get up and dance like the other kids or get a stamp on his hand at the end of the activity. They all have their likes/dislikes don't they!