May 25, 2010

Good News & Bad News

Good News: I'm ready to have a baby.
Bad News: The baby doesn't seem to feel ready to come out yet.


Good News:  Nesting instincts have kicked in and I'm feeling much more energized.
Bad News:  I'm using the extra energy for recreational purposes instead of productive purposes.


Good News:  We've finally decided on a name.
Bad News:  We *might* change when we see the little guy, so we're not going to announce it yet.


Good News:  Thanks to several generous donations (Lori, Sarah, Desiree) and one fun shopping spree we have clothes to put on the baby. 
Bad News:  We still don't know where to put the clothes so all the baby's things are in bins in a corner in our room.  Convert the den or stuff two kids in one small room?


Good News:  We have tickets tomorrow night (Date#4 from my parents) for Mary Poppins.
Bad News:  None known.  I'm just excited and wanted to share.


Joe said...

You are a funny person.

Sounds like more good news than bad.

You should start a poll on your blog for guesses of little Lincoln's arrival to this world. I stay with my guess of Sunday, June 13th.

Johnson Family said...

I have a couple things to send you Alicia. I'm sorry I am taking so long to get it to you. I just need to find a time when I can go to the post office by myself without all three of my children. Bret's working from home on Friday. I'll make an effort to get your package mailed that day.

Tiffany Feger said...

fun good news!

Alicia said...

This is just a test...

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