June 02, 2010

A New Development

Well, I was really, really hoping that I would go into labor today.  Instead, I have come down with a cold.  Not only do I have a cold, but Ben and Sadie do, too.  For the record, this is the first cold any of us have had in 6 months.  So, now I am 'taking it easy' and trying to get us all better and hoping the baby doesn't come until we are all healthy again.  What a change of events!

Here are some interesting facts about this pregnancy:
  • The baby only has one umbilical artery.  Consequently, I have been overly tested and poked and pricked through this whole pregnancy.
  • I may have gestational diabetes but I am unable to keep the nasty glucose drink 'down' and so the diagnosis cannot be confirmed.  However, my A1C is great and when they check my blood glucose level at the doctor's office every week it's usually within normal range.  Still I've been trying to eat extra healthy and cut out sugars as much as possible.
  • I have 3 different due dates and I never know which one to tell people - June 10, 11, and 14th. 
  • My pregnancy food cravings have been Thai food, Indian food, spicy food, and the salsa and chip from Chili's.
  • Although I measure 4 weeks smaller than I should this baby looks plump and robust in the ultrasound pictures. He has nice, big cheeks and huge lips.  He's measuring in the 50th percentile, unlike Sadie who was never even on the charts when I was pregnant with her.  They thought my placenta was failing because she was so small in utero.
  • I thought I miscarried on three occasions during the first trimester.  But, thankfully, I was wrong :)
  • He gets hiccups a lot!  Usually several times each day.
  • Until recently Ben had never felt the baby kick.  We say Ben has a calming effect on the little guy, because his movement ceases the second Ben get near me.   


Julie said...

You don't have to worry if you have a cold. The baby will most likely not get it and in fact will be stronger because he immediately gets the antibodies to fight the cold from the mom if she nurses.

Unknown said...

Oh, I will be praying for you that the baby waits until your cold is done. You already know from my account what little joy it adds to labor :) Hope health & strength returns to you all soon. Also... I liked reading your pregnancy facts :) Glad the pregnancy has been healthy despite the concerns, and neat that Ben was finally able to feel the little guy kick!

Alicia said...

Thanks Julie and Chante! That's a relief to hear that the baby will be healthy even if he's born.

Kimmy said...

I love him. already.

Jordan and Crystal said...

Get better! excited to see pics!

Johnson Family said...

Each pregnancy is so different isn't it?! We're looking forward to hearing about the upcoming arrival of baby boy Johnson.
Alicia, don't worry about the gift you were going to give us for our boys. Please just use it for your little boy.
Take care and rest up!