June 22, 2010

Home, Hectic, and Happy

Well, luckily, Jax' problems were short-lived and we were able to come home on Friday.  We've been trying to settle in and adjust to having two children.  Things right now are a little hectic.  Sadie loves her little brother but has been having major temper tantrums and fussiness with us.  She's also refusing to sleep!  We've gotten so desperate that we're taking her on nightly car rides to try to get her to settle down.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.  We're trying to spend lots of quality time with her, but she's definitely struggling to adjust.  Hopefully she'll be a little better by tomorrow which is when Ben is returning to work.  

Thank goodness Jax is about as perfect and happy a baby as you can imagine!  Maybe all newborns are like this (Sadie NEVER was) but he just sleeps all the time.  When he is awake he's happy and just looks around.  I sure hope it continues!!  He was a little unhappy yesterday because he had two doctor's appointments.  We met with our pediatrician in the morning and he was given a shot.  Then, in the afternoon, we met with an ENT to have his frenulum clipped.  He was very tongue-tied and it was preventing him from nursing.  Things have not improved yet but I'm very hopeful that he'll be able to learn now.  It's frustrating, painful, and time-consuming to be 'pumping' again and worrying about him not catching on.  He's six days old and very attached to the bottle.  I sure hope we'll be able to figure things out soon!

My recovery has been super quick!  With Sadie it took me a few weeks to bounce back.  This time I felt great about an hour after delivery.  It feels amazing to be returning to my normal self again. 

As for Ben, he has earned his place in heaven.  He does everything for Sadie, let's me take naps, keeps the house clean, food in our stomachs, and does the night feedings while I get up and pump (after attempting and failing at nursing).  I'm a little nervous about him going back to work, but I'm sure I'll learn how to juggle everything.

For your viewing pleasure here are some pictures of Jax.  We haven't taken too many, but I'm hoping to get some good ones later today.  Handsome little fellow, no?

{Above: 5 minutes old}

{Above: 1 hour old}

{Above: taken in the NICU 12 hours after he was born}

{This one was taken this morning}


Raven said...

Way to make a girl baby hungry, Alicia! He's just adorable! Good luck with transitioning to 2 kids--you'll all figure it out soon, I'm sure. Congrats again!

Alicia said...

Thanks Raven!!

Joe said...

What a perfect little child you have! Somewhere in your youth or childhood you must have done something good.

Sharla said...

Welcome home to all of you! Glad to hear that Jax is doing well. Kurt had rapid breathing issues at first too. But, he's been super healthy since. I hope that Sadie can get adjusted soon. Before you know it, they'll be the best of friends and you'll have a hard time believing that there was any sibling rivalry. Good luck with everything!!

Johnson Family said...

It always does take a little adjusting every time a new little person is added to the family. I hope everything continues to go well for all of you.

Kurt n Des said...

You have a boy. He's soo cute. Glad you posted some pictures so we could all get to know littlel Jax. He looks so healthy.
Way to go gang!