May 05, 2010

Hello & Goodbye

They came, they played, and they left.  Kimmy will return; Christy will not {until the end of the summer}.

They are on their way to Washington D.C.  That's where my dad grew up and where my parents met and were married.  My uncle and a lot of their old friends still live up there.  It should be a fun little getaway for them.

This will give Sadie and I time to rest and recooperate from the whirlwind of fun we had while they were here.

I love having siblings!


chante said...

What awesome pictures!!!! I love the look on Christy's face in the last one. And Kimmy always looks so happy. And you, Alicia.. I can't get over how amazing you look!

Johnson Family said...

Cute pictures of all you sisters together! You're one lucky girl to have two, fun sisters.

Christy said...

I miss you all a lot. Pray for me to marry someone who is willing and would like to live in FL. :)