May 11, 2010

Sadie's Arrival

My due date is one month from today.

As I prepare for the future I keep thinking about the past.

I've been reminiscing about Sadie's birth these last few weeks and wondering what this next one will be like. Tonight I decided to read through Ben's journal entry from the day she was born. This is how it goes:

8:05 am - started pitocin. Alicia was already 3 to 4 cm dilated and 80% effaced at a -1 position.

8:25 - Mary called and we talked with her and Christy (at BYU).

8:35 - Increased pitocin to 5 from 2. Alicia is starting to feel some Braxton-Hicks type contractions, but nothing too painful and nothing too frequent.

9:05 - Dr. Marcelli came in and checked Alicia. She said she's 4 cm and 70 - 80% effaced and still at a -1 position. She broke the water. There was a little meconium so they are going to do an amnioflush. Still not many contractions.

10:30 - Alicia received an epidural and feels great! Contractions are steady and strong, now we just relax and wait for Sadie to come! Alicia is trying to sleep now...

{Later on} It turns out there wasn't much time for sleeping. Beth came in to change the bedding at about 11:30 and noticed a lot of fluid. She hadn't planned to, but decided to check Alicia's progress. Alicia has been very relaxed and has not pain, so you can imagine our surprise when Beth announced, "You are complete!" Alicia replied, "What exactly do you mean 'complete'?" She told us it was time to push. We could not believe our ears!

The nurse went and got the doctor, who confirmed it was time to push. However, she had a patient a few rooms down, so the nurse stayed with us and helped Alicia know when to push.

We pictured this phase of labor as extremely stressful, painful, long and drawn-out. But it turned out to be quite peaceful and very thrilling. I was extremely nervous about this stage, because I didn't want to see Alicia in pain. Seeing her so comfortable was very calming and reassuring for me. It allowed me to enjoy the anticipation of the arrival of our little baby.

It wasn't long before I could see the top of the baby's head. I was thrilled to see hair!

I could tell we had made a lot of progress and the time was at hand. The nurse told us to take the next few contractions off while she went looking for the doctor. Dr. Conner came to deliver the baby because Dr. Marcelli was still with her other patient. We were glad to have Dr. Conner there for us.

At 12:46, after less than an hour of pushing, Sadie was born 6 lbs. 9 ozs., 19 inches long. It was a totally unbelievable, joyous, happy, thrilling moment!

{Sadie, shown above, two hours old}

Life since then has been a real whirlwind!  We've come a long ways....

{Pictures of Sadie taken on our morning walk today}

Hopefully I'll love this next baby as much as I do Sadie (seems impossible at the moment), and hopefully, the labor will be as peaceful, happy, and memorable as it was with Sadie!

One more month!


Johnson Family said...

My dad told us when he and my mom were expecting my brother (the second child) he couldn't imagine loving another child as much as he did me (the first child). He learned though that "love multiplies." It doesn't divide. You'll do great with another baby and love him just as much. I know from experience as well.

Ben said...

Wow, I had forgotten how smoothly Sadie's delivery went. Alicia, you're good at this birthing thing! You'll do great with #2.

chante said...

What a beautiful little girl- then & now. And what a sweet experience you had with her birth. I hope the memories will be just as precious with this little one, though I'm sure they will be.