December 21, 2009

Fun With Aunties

Sadie loves Kimmy and Christy so much. Here are a couple pictures of them playing together last night:

(Sadie was especially fond of Christy this night.)

(Above: Christy shown above with Sadie walking peacefully through the grass)

(Then Kimmy came along and started chasing Sadie and Christy)

(Sadie shown above running for her life from Kimmy)

(Sadie seeks protection from Christy above)

(She barely gets to Christy in time!)

(Sadie shown above rejoicing in the safety of Christy's arms)

(Next: Sadie and Christy seek revenge)

(Run, Kimmy, Run!)

(Kimmy shown flapping her wings like a bird)

(Kimmy tried hiding behind a bush for protection)

(Kimmy's plan worked because Sadie got distracted by the flowers and forgot about chasing Kimmy)

(Then Sadie heard an airplane and we searched for it)

(We found the airplane and it was dinnertime)

The End.


Kimmy said...

You forgot about the part where Sadie didn't have to run and sat in the comfort of Christy's arms while chasing ME for a long time while I got tired had to give up because I couldn't out run them anymore. Remember THAT? HUHHHH???

Christy said...

Yeah I remember, that was fun. ;) Christy and Sadie wins again!

Lori said...

It's because Kimmy refuses to go running.

Kimmy said...

hey now! I'll have you know I ran a mile in 9 minutes and 5 seconds the other day after not running at ALL since August... and I had already been running for 15 minutes. I have a very satisfied look on my face now.

Tiffany Feger said...

she's so cute! and oh how i miss green grass. i really need to start following your blog, huh.