December 27, 2009

Best Christmas Of ALL TIME!

Does every Christmas get better or is it just me? Last year we had so much fun, but this year far exceeded all my expectations! The thought that kept running through my head on Christmas was how blessed I am. Life has turned out even better than what I had hoped for and this year I've felt overwhelming gratitude. I just sat back while Christy, Ben, and Kimmy helped Sadie unwrap everyone's presents and thought about all the things I've been blessed with. It was a really nice little moment in time!

Here are my favorite memories of the day:
  • Sadie being shocked when she woke up and she was finally able to explore the stuff under the tree which I've been telling her not to touch for weeks.
  • Later, at my parent's house, watching Sadie try to unwrap everyone's presents for them.
  • Ben and I going on a scavenger hunt to find our present from my parents.
  • Laughing at our old family home videos with everyone in the afternoon.
  • Sadie and I going on a walk, just the two of us, that night to look at the Christmas lights.

(Ben and Sadie shown above first thing Christmas morning. Ben seen sitting with his new piano)

(Sadie and Alicia shown opening a Christmas present from Grandma Cliffie)

(Later, at my parents, Sadie is shown with Christy anxiously awaiting present-opening time)

(Sadie shown above admiring Shadow - she LOVES that dog)

(Kimmy shown with her stunning water color painting which she painstakingly created for us with 20 hours of her time! She also made Sadie and Ethan adorable ABC books which she has spent every available moment of the last week working on. In fact, she didn't even go to sleep Christmas Eve - she stayed up the ENTIRE NIGHT working on the projects. She watched Pocahontas 4 times while working on them. Wow! That's love :)

(Sadie and her dad shown above playing with her new farm toys from Grammy and Grampy)

And always, because I'm extra sentimental around Christmastime, I spent the second half of Christmas day wondering what the upcoming year will bring and what next Christmas will be like. We have a lot to look forward to this year and it will be interesting to see how life unfolds.


Ben said...

I love how contemplative and sentimental you are. It truly was the best Christmas ever. I have a funny feeling next year might be even better.

Christy said...

Thanks for being in charge of Christmas this year Alicia! And for taking pictures. Those are great, including the Gramma Meyers Christmas pictures. Good work Al. ;)