December 27, 2009

Christmas With Gramma Meyers

This is my Gramma Meyers. She is amazing! I hope I grow up to be like her. She is 82 years old yet she has more energy and spunk for life than I can muster on a daily basis.

She's definately not the soft-spoken, dainty, fragile type of grandmother. Her hobbies are tennis, yard-work, and house renovations. She has taught all her grandchildren to play tennis and fully intends on teaching her great-grandchildren, too. Which I think she'll be able to do because she is still really good! Also, gramma has more stamina for yard work than anyone else in the family - I am NOT kidding!! She can work for hours and hours in the Florida summer heat without tiring. The rest of us quit long before she ever does. She loves to plant trees and than cut them down. My dad finally took her chain saw away two years ago. But, she still has her saws and electric drills. We also bought her a nail gun last year for her birthday which she uses for her house projects.

One more thing I like about Gramma is that she is so no nonsense. I often hear her say things like, "Why would I get mad? How would that help?" or "I'm getting old - you people need to accept that." Life just is what it is to her and she never gets her feathers rustled or is irrational or overly emotional about things. She accepts the truth and just lives the life she's been dealt the best she knows how.

Also, she is such a loyal mother! She claims my father is perfect and will defend him on any issue. I can really tell she loves her two children more than anything in life. It's really sweet.

Anyways, she is visiting my Uncle Steve in Maryland this year for Christmas so we celebrated with her last week. It was a very fun evening! She made her trademark lazagna. Sadie received lots of presents from her and her favorite was her new tennis racket which she has been smacking us with all week. Gramma is anxious to get Sadie out on the courts and get her swinging!

(Above: My Dad was asked to pose for a picture. This was his reaction.)

(Kimmy shown above mocking my father while imitating his 'pose')

(Ben looks on with humor at Kimmy)

(Gramma LOVES giving and opening presents.)

(Kimmy and Michael are shown above sporting new sweat bands. They say "I Heart Santa")

(My Mom asks for dish towels every year for Christmas!)

(Sarah and Ethan shown above looking happy and handsome)

(Ethan shown above and Sadie shown below sitting in the new wagon my parents bought Gramma for Christmas. She wanted one to use in the yard to cart plants and weeds around)

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