June 06, 2012

Utah Visit

I'm a little bored of my usual way of posting so I thought I'd change it up and doing 3's of different things from the trip.  Here we go....

3 SAD THINGS (Let's get these over with early)
  1. McKay was teething the whole time and had a runny nose from a cold so I never once held any of my new nieces or nephews.
  2. I called Kimmy's mission home to see if they were allow me to take her and her companion out to lunch and deliver a package (I know many mission presidents allow this).  They said no :( 
  3. Grandma Doris was in pain most of the times I visited with her.  Very sad.
  1. A woman in a dress knocking a someone's door with a plate of cookies in hand.
  2. Two girls approach a college student on crutches offering their help.  The girls carried all her stuff out to her car for her and were so chipper and pleasant about it.
  3. We knocked on a random couple's door and asked if we could take pictures in front of their barn.  They were more than happy to let us and told us, "There's dinner in the fridge, go on in and help yourself if you want some."
Utah people are just so nice.  Pasco County people are not like that.  It was so nice to be around kind human beings again.

  1. Sadie
  2. Jax
  3. Ben
  1. Girls night out with Chante, Heather, and Krissy.
  2. Touring and photographing Heber Valley with Cliffie.
  3. Seeing Jadyn's Preschool Graduation.
  1. To my mother-in-law who kind enough to watch McKay twice, shared her car with me, fed us, and was a great host (And Natalie who gave up her room for us)!
  2. To my mother, Julie, and Gramma who watched Sadie and Jax for two days while Ben was working.
  3. To Ben for happily supporting me in this adventure and keeping the kids entertained on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. 
  1. My camera battery died right as I found a great spot with perfect lighting for family pictures.
  2. I almost missed my flight because we were running late and needed to deliver a package to Kimmy's mission home.  I arrived at the airport 40 minutes before my flight time.  I made it but I don't plan to ever cut it that close again.
  3. I accidentally brought Christy's car keys back to Utah and she hasn't been able to drive her car.  We overnighted them to her today.  But after the mean FB prank she played on me I'm not feeling too bad about it.  

Jadyn's Preschool Graduation.

Dinner with Chante, Krissy, Heather, and her babe Bailey.

Grandma Cliffie and Baby Moe.

Auntie Natalie and Baby Moe.

Kurt (Ben's Bro), Gooch, and the lovely Desiree.

Clint, Lane (Ben's Bro), Logan, Bekah, and sweet little Libby.

Libby was born 6 weeks early.  She's 8 weeks old here and still so teeny tiny and cute.

Good lookin' fam!

Baby Jace (Troy and Becky's baby boy).  Isn't he handsome?!?!

Love the expression!

Jadyn, Jace's older sister.

Christy and I went on lots of walks with Madeleine in the wrap.  So cozy!

Me and my Moe!  LOVE THAT BABY!

It was fun to visit with friends and family but I was so excited to get home.  We are a family that doesn't do well separated; we're all a little overly attached to each other.  Here is our happy reunion....

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Kurt n Des said...

So glad you got to come. Thanks for taking pictures!