June 20, 2012

Jax Turns TWO

Master Jax turned two.  I know everyone thinks the twos are terrible but it's our most favorite of ages.  We call them the terrific twos.  He had three requests for his birthday: cupcakes, play golf, and play tennis.  

 Nice form Jax!  Now we just need to work on holding the club correctly.

As is typical with the game of golf, he got a little frustrated and ended up picking up the ball and throwing it in the hole.  You should have seen the look of pride as it went in the hole.  He had so much fun, Ben couldn't get him to get into the car when it was time to go.  Maybe we'll have to let him go with his Dad more often.

We were actually at my parents house all day because we had Youth Conference responsibilities and I thought it would be nice to have my parents help while Ben was away because I was still feeling pretty under the weather.  

During Jax's nap Sadie and I made cupcakes.  Actually Sadie did almost all the work while I sat and watched her.  

Then we cuddled and watched a show while they cooked.

After they cooled my parents helped them decorate them.  I think more sprinkles made it in my kids' mouths than onto the cupcakes.  

I think we (my mom and I) went a little overboard on presents this year.  We took the kids to Toys R Us and followed Jax's around the store to see what he was interested in.  Everything he wanted was sports related....baseball bat, tennis racket, footballs, and golf clubs.  We did get him a stroller, Mickey Mouse stuffed animal, and a construction work bench, too.  So far only Sadie and McKay have been playing with those, though.

 Things that make Jax happy.  Holding a baseball bat (or tennis racket or golf club) and being in Mom's arms.

He blew them both out on the first try. 

We didn't end up playing tennis, but he did get a new tennis racket.  I hope it was a fun birthday for him!  It was pretty low key because of my weakened state but I think he had a fun day.  

We think he's the greatest thing ever.  I love that baby boy!!!  


Johnson Family said...

Happy Birthday to Jax! He sure does look the part of a golfer with those pants and shoes. What a cute little guy he is.
I'm sure my boys will love playing with him in August. They love balls and sports things too :)

Kurt n Des said...

Happy Birthday to cute lil Jax! I knew he was your athlete when you first had him. What a great birthday.