February 06, 2012

Worst Mother of the Week Award

No time to blog so I thought I'd share my letter to Kimmy again.

Kimberly, hello -

How are you dear friend? What is your life like? Do you still love me? I love you.

It's been a bit of a long, hard week. I've been a bad mother. My poor children. Do you think they'll forgive me?

Here are our happenings...

1) I ran a 5K on Saturday and I was awful. I ran it at Starkey Park and the whole thing was in 3 inch deep sand!!! Yuck. It was like Camp Wailani trails. Anyways, I only ran/walked most of it. I'm not sure of my time. 40 or 45 minutes maybe? I did run an entire 5K earlier this week on the treadmill. It felt good. My time was 38 minutes. Nothing to write home about but I'm making progress. If only I were losing weight though. I'm not! Sad. Oh, did I mention I had a sore throat and cramps during my run? But I had already paid for it so I ran/walked it anyways. There's another one March 10th on pavement that I may do.  

2) I got my hair cut yesterday. I told the hair stylist that I was tired of looking frumpy and to do whatever she wanted just keep it mostly long. So, it's still long but with layers and side bangs. Do you know this if the first professional hair cut I've had in 10+ months. That last one was this day: http://bsakj.blogspot.com/2011/04/new-summer-hairdo.html. I really need to put forth a little more effort :)

3) Sadie was bitten by a friend this past week during a get together. It was bad - it left a huge bruise. I'm not angry at the child/family but I do feel terribly guilty as a parent. When we have play dates I feel like they're more for me lately than the kids. Sadie especially doesn't like them much, but I keep going because I enjoy them.  I've decided to lay low; no more play dates for a while, except park ones - those usually go well.

She also had a mark like his on her lower left abdomen.  Poor thing!  I'm a bad mom.

4) Shadow is a bad dog. He has pooped on my carpet twice this week and keeps running away from home. He also ate cookies that Sadie and I had made yesterday afternoon. Shame, shame! He is recovering from his glass incident though. Did I tell you about that? He ate glass from a baby food jar that had broken. He lived to tell about it though.

5) Ben's busy season has started. It's awful. I miss him. He misses us. Jax asks for him all day and goes to the door and cries, "Want Daddy, want Daddy." It's truly pathetic! He is very attached to Ben lately and less attached to me. It's a little sad but I realize that with McKay being my sidekick that it's probably a good thing that he wants Ben instead of me.

6) We're still spending tons of time on the trampoline. I'm sure the kids will tire of it eventually but it's not going to happen any time soon. Our weather has been beautiful! It's gets up to about 78 every day. We even went to the beach this past week to play in the sand. The kids had a ball!

7) Jax got two new teeth this past week and McKay has been teething on and off, too. Oh joy!

8) I took Sadie to her first ever gymnastics class this past Thursday and it was one of the hardest hours of my parenting life. Sadie and McKay cried the whole time and Jax was a little hoodlum who wouldn't sit still or obey. I finally gave up and left early. McKay was pretty much crying continuously and I couldn't feed him because Jax was getting into too much trouble. Sadie did warm up by the end though and Jax knows how to do somersaults now. Wohoo! The teacher wasn't great and the kids were a little out of control so I don't think I'll be back to that class but maybe I can find something else that's a better fit. Hopefully.

9) We've moved Jax up to the bigger bed in Sadie's room and McKay is sleeping in the den/nursery/Jax's room - whatever you would call it. We let McKay cry one night for one feeding and then the next night he slept 5 hours. It was heaven. So, progress is slow but at least we're making some. Jax is a crazy sleeper and winds up in the strangest places and positions. Every night is a surprise of what life will bring.


10) Our garden is coming along. The cabbage, lettuce, and broccoli have done great. The spinach and green onions are so-so. The tomatoes, peppers, and snap beans are dead. Not sure what went wrong.

11) Jax cut his finger with scissors this past week. Again, I get the worst mom award! We were playing in their fort that mom bought them for Christmas and Sadie wanted to cut shapes and glue them to the inside walls. So, McKay was napping so I knew I could supervise closely and I figured Jax was old enough to use them and they were just kiddie scissors anyways. So, I taught him how to hold him and made him sit with me and told him NOT to ever put his finger between the sharp part. Well, the first thing he did was put his finger in the sharp part and squeeze. He wouldn't let go and just kept crying and squeezing. It was deep and bled a lot! He has a band-aid on it and he walks around with his index finger straight at all times. Poor little guy!

12) My house is a wreck!! Perhaps the worst it's ever been. But with me feeling under the weather, the boys teething, and Ben being gone until late every night I just haven't had the time, energy, or ability to clean. But, really, if I could run a 5K on Saturday I was well enough to clean. But I guess I'll try to tackle some of the rubble today. Wish me luck!  

13) Almost forgot...we did a little photo shoot with Charlie last Monday. Most of the pics were on Sarah's camera but here a few from mine. And we only had about 15 minutes and McKay fussed most of that time.  But, I think we got a few good ones.  Cute little guy, huh?!?!  He's one of the cutest newborns I've ever seen.  Not funny looking at all.  I love him.

Love you so much,

Your crazy sister

P.S. Speaking of biting....McKay has been doing a lot of it during his feedings lately.  And he has teeth now, you know! Ah, the joys of motherhood!!! :)  Pray for my soul, Kimmy.  Pray for it!!


Joe said...

I think you are being a little hard on yourself. Snap out of it.

Love the haircut.

Love the kids.

Love you.

Busy season will end one day.

Good to see you yesterday.

If you are looking for an out on March 10th, it is Joseph's birthday and I'm sure we'll be doing a party at a park or something during the day.

Alicia said...

Thanks Joe! You're a very good, nice brother :) I'll not sign up for that race until I hear your plans about Joseph's birthday party. It's at 8:30AM so it probably wouldn't interfere but I won't have much time to train for it with Ben being gone this month so maybe I'll shoot for an April 5K instead. Love you lots!!

Jordan and Crystal said...

If your a bad mom I am horrible! :) We all have our days/ weeks! Love all the pics and updates! Can I get Kimmys address? How is she?

Ben and Robbie and family said...

Wow, Alicia, you have very high expectations of yourself. If that is the worst your house has EVER been, you deserve an award. My MIL came over for a surprise visit once after a very rough morning, a trip to WalMart, and very busy day- my house looked 10 times worse, and I thought I was going to die of embarrassment.

I would only think you were a bad mother if you were the one who bit
Sadie and cut Jax's fingers with the scissors. But you didn't, and I think you're pretty amazing. It is reassuring to know that there are others in the same boat as me- sometimes I wonder if I somehow complicate my life on purpose, and cause all the chaos around me.

As far as mothers go, I can tell you're one of the best, but you are probably given a rough week here and there to keep you humble!

Carry on!

Sharla said...

Oh Alicia! Don't be too hard on yourself. You're such a good mom with a very full plate! Things happen, that's life with these little ones. Every time I read your blog, your love for your kids is so obvious. And THAT is what makes you a great mom!

Alicia said...

I wasn't fishing for compliments, I promise! But thanks for the kind words of encouragement. I'll carry on! Robbie you made me laugh when you said, "you'd only be a bad mom if it was you who bit Sadie and cut Jax finger."

Christy Haggard said...

I love you. I love you. I love you! That's all.