February 14, 2012

A New Toy

We bought the kids a new toy. That's not like us.  We're a little anti-toy.   Ben doesn't like the clutter or the expense.  I'm anti-toy because I think it stifles creativity and imagination.  And I'm anti-too-many-toys because I think it causes ADHD and greedy children.  But, I forget about my principles when I'm exhausted and sick and the house is messy and the kids are restless.  

So, I found this on Craigslist last week and threw my anti-toy mantra out the window. 

I like this toy for three reasons:
1) No batteries
2) Great exercise = good naps :)
3) Has steps which creates a nice ramp up to the trampoline.  Perfect!

So, I drove up to Spring Hill on Saturday and bought it myself.  Then I set it up yesterday myself.  Ben was impressed, weren't you dear?  Little does he know that I had six screws left over and I can't figure out where they belong.  It hasn't fallen apart yet, though.  

The kids love it!  I hope we'll have many many hours of fun on it.  


Joe said...

I got an error on your video.

The toy looks way cool. I think Joseph will love it if we ever get up there to visit.

Johnson Family said...

Derek and Tyler loved watching your kids on their new toy. They are now asking for one just like it :) It looks like a lot of fun!