February 12, 2012

My Sunday

This poor little boy is getting hurt left and right lately!  He has an incessant need to climb and conquer any elevated surface in the house.  My heart can't take the stress!!!  Today he fell and hit his head twice.  The second time was really bad - the worst he's ever cried.  He was trying to climb into the car and fell backwards.  I almost took him to the hospital.  No kidding.  He seems to be doing okay now, but things were touch and go there for a while.  His finger is completely healed now, though. That's good.

Today all three kids fell asleep on the drive to church and I drove around for an hour and let them nap.  Shame on me for skipping an hour of church!  We also left Jax in nursery for his first time and he did great. Perhaps because he was so well rested?!?!  I actually went the RS and heard the whole lesson.  Amazingly enjoyable.

We have allergies.  I didn't have allergies growing up.  Why do I now?  Sadie has a bad case of it, too.  Her little voice is all froggy.  It's quite adorable in a sad kind of way.  We've just been lounging around the house in our PJs the past few days.

Their favorite game lately is pushing each other in the little doll's stroller.  I realize some may be judging me for giving them bottles but that's okay.  We have things we're working on.  I'm not a perfect mom.  Judge away if you must.

Sadie stops every so often and kisses Jax on the head.  This action is a not rehearsed or requested.  She just does it on her own.  I love her!  She also always tells him, "Lift your feet so your don't get hurt Jaxie."

I took pictures of the Martinez's tonight.  Here are a few I've played with so far....

And this post would not be complete without me confessing my undying love for McKay.  So, here it goes....

I love Mo.


Johnson Family said...

Derek was always getting hurt too, especially on his forehead. We joked that maybe we should dress him every morning in a football helmet to protect his head. I remember calling the doctor several times as a result of his knack for getting himself hurt. He'll grow out of it eventually, but it is hard to deal with until it does happen.
Can I just say that McKay is so adorable? I can see why you can't get enough of him. I'm sure you spend a lot of time kissing those cute cheeks :)

Shelby said...

This might sound weird, but the first picture you posted (of the last 2) of McKay looks SO much like Kimmy! I LOVE YOUR FAMILY OF CLONES. all of you.