January 09, 2012


I haven't posted video in a really long time. When looking back, we actually enjoy watching home movies more than browsing through pictures, so I'm trying to be better about remembering to take video. Perhaps I should start playing around Adobe's Premiere Pro software?!?! Sounds like a fun new hobby :)

Anyways, this first video was taken this morning.  I actually thought I was on picture mode at the beginning so sorry if it's a little crazy at first.  I wasn't planning on doing video so forgive me for not having PJ pants on Jax and Sadie's still in her PJs.  It was impromptu.....

This is a little snippet of Sadie doing a few of her 'tricks' on the trampoline.  I think I took it last week.  Jax learned how to jump today.  Up until today he would just run fast on the trampoline but now he can actually jump. He was so ecstatic about his new found abilities and giggled for 15 minutes straight as he kept practicing.  He's really in the middle of a developmental leap right now.  He's changing so rapidly lately!

This last video was taken a few nights ago. Things were starting to feel really chaotic. Sadie had made a mess in the kitchen, McKay was getting tired, Jax and Ben were playing the piano loudly, the house was a mess, etc. So instead of giving into the stressful feeling I decided to document it....

Do you like how Sadie whispers in the movie? Like she doesn't want to be discovered? Ha!! She makes me laugh!

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