January 28, 2012

Sadie's Fourth

Sadie turned four.  Boo hoo!  It was a depressing thing for me but I put on my happy face for her.  She's such a great little kid.  I hope she knows how loved she is.

We had a playdate in the morning with Tickners and Cricchios.  Bailey has the same birthday as Sadie.  She turned one.

Julie, Joseph, James, my mom and Gramma came up around 4:30.

The rest of the family arrived around 6PM, including our honored guest, Charlie.

This is a video of those who were in attendance:

Then we ate dinner.  Special thanks to all those who contributed.

Then we jumped on the trampoline in the dark while wearing glow sticks.

Then we sang and ate cake.  All the kids kept blowing out the candles while we sang and I kept relighting them.  It was cute!

Then we opened presents.  The bike was too big!  Opps.

Then we had to say goodbye.  Sadie had the time of her life.  It was sad for her to see it come to an end.

But don't worry, the next morning we had the after party where she got to play with all her presents and try things out.  That was fun, too.

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Johnson Family said...

It looks like Sadie's birthday was a success. She looks so happy and so grown up might I add. It is hard to see them getting older, but each new year brings something different to enjoy too. I have to keep remembering that when I see my babies changing or even as I get older too :)