January 23, 2012

Letter to Kimmy

It was another sleepless night in the Johnson household. I kind of wonder how we've done it this long. One or both of us gets up every hour or two. I don't think I've had more than two consecutive hours of sleep in months now. McKay did well around 6 weeks to 9 weeks, but it's been awful since.

And then there's Jax.  He has really been struggling lately too so we decided to move him up to a big boy bed in Sadie's room. The first two nights he slept the whole night through! Well, we aren't sure how long they slept.  We found them at 6:30AM with the light on playing with their toys. Sadie said, "Jax was on the floor so we decided to play."  Good idea, Sade! At least they weren't waking us up :) The second night they woke up and Sadie said, "Jax was jumping on my bed so I had to wake up."  Then the last two nights Jax has woken up several times. But, usually Ben just walks him back in there, stays a few minutes, and gets back to sleep quickly. Thankfully Sadie is a very deep sleeper and loves having him in there.  She says at night now, "Come on Jax, it's time for bed buddy."  How cute, huh?

Sadly, last night Ben was up several times with Shadow, too. Here's a condensed story of why: Jax threw a baby food jar yesterday morning while I was trying to get the kids ready for church. Well, I did a quick imperfect clean up job and then threw some paper towels in the trash can and still needed to finish later. Well, about 4PM yesterday shadow got into those paper towels and ate some of the glass. I found them with blood on them. He seemed fine last night but he was up all night throwing up and wanting to go out. I'm a little worried. We may need to take him to the vet. Great.

I gave a talk in church yesterday on forgiveness. Will you forgive me? I'm trying to be a very forgiving person now. If you want to offend me I won't mind. Well, I almost missed giving the talk because we had a crazy morning. We had birthday party on Saturday for Katie Tickner's little girl (Bailey - she has the same birthday as Sadie). Well, she called Sunday morning to tell us that one of the little girls at the party had a bad case of lice! So, she recommended that I put the kids in the shower and blow their hair dry because the heat would help to kill them if they jumped on our kids heads. (FYI - the kids never left Ben's side because it was stimulation overload so they just starred wide-eyed at all the action).  So, I put them in the shower anyways and P.S. - that is a lot of work, and I ended up getting wet so I had to re-get-ready after I was FULLY ready already and Jax ended up peeing all over the place and then threw the glass jar and McKay cried the whole time because he's been teething and running a fever for two days and wanted to be held and I was THIS CLOSE to saying - "FORGET IT! We're staying home" which the kids would have loved if I said because they hate going to church.  Sadie especially lately cries the whole drive there and is refusing to go to primary and Jax won't stay in nursery either.  Anyways, I'm side tracked. End of story - I made it to church *late* and the talk was just fine and we survived another Sunday, so that was good.  Oh, one more thing, Kristy Pickerol Cook was at church - so fun to see her.  Bishop called her up to give her testimony.  She may even come over for FHE tonight and Bishop's family.  Not sure yet. Wouldn't that be fun!

I'm desperately excited for Sadie' birthday this week. We're going to have a glow in the dark trampoline party. Should be fun. Sadie talks about it all the time. She's say, "Who's going to have a birthday this week? Is mommy going to have a birthday? NOOOOO. Is Daddy's going to have a birthday? NOOOOOOOO. Is Jaxie going to have a birthday? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Is Sadie going to have a birthday. YYYYEEEESSSSSSS!" She can't wait. We bought her a new bike and a some balls for the trampoline and puzzles and I can't remember what else. I'll be busy all day today getting the house cleaned up, cake made, presents wrapped, and decorations put up. Exciting!  Or I may end up taking McKay to the pediatrician and Shadow to the vet. Who knows how this day will go?

Anyways, pray for us to survive these sleepless nights.  I exaggerate not - I'm literally up every hour and a half on average.  It's time to let him cry and we're tried twice but Jax woke up and then poor Ben had to get up and McKay has been teething and it's just not fair to let him cry when he doesn't feel good.

P.S. I'm attaching pictures of my kids. It seems like all my recent ones are of McKay. I'm so painfully in love with that baby that all I do is stare at him all day long and take pictures of his stunning little face. My heart is no longer my own; it's his to have forever. He is my everything. Beautiful, wouldn't you say?


Sharla said...

Oh Alicia, I don't know how you do it. Way to go though! You are such a patient and loving mom. Wouldn't it have been more appropriate if your topic for your talk would've been "achieving a peaceful home" or something like that? ;) And by the way, your blog design is so cute! I usually read blogs on google reader so I don't see your actual blog often, so it might not be new but I love it.

Johnson Family said...

I'm sorry nights have been so hard for you lately. We're dealing with our own little issues with Tyler at night too. I'm hoping they'll improve before the baby comes this summer, especially since he'll only let me take care of him in the middle of the night. I can imagine dealing with two children and a dog in the middle of the night is just exhausting. Somehow we're given strength to do it all though.
Happy Birthday to Sadie tomorrow! I can't believe she's going to be 4 already. Wish we could be there for the party. It sounds like a lot of fun!

Kristy said...

Man, and we didn't come over and I didn't even call! I'm lame! We really would have loved to, but the day was crammed with the beach(we figured it was the only time the kids would be able to play in the sand seeing that Orlando isn't exactly close to a beach) and things planned by my aunt. We were totally bummed. I just love you so much and I am truely so happy that I was able to see you. Plus, I'm so glad that we talked on the phone before I got to Florida...I really enjoyed it. Can we be phone buddies and call one another every now and then??:) Will you forgive me for not calling about coming over??:) lol Anyway, you gave a wonderful talk and I was the lucky one that got to be there to hear it! I look forward to chatting:)haha