May 27, 2011

The Point - Take 2

I've hit "The Point" again.  Remember that post from last year? Funny how so many of the concerns are still the same for me!  Except now I worry about Jax, too.  Sometimes I feel like I'm just living last year over again just with Jax this time.

Anyways, I've hit the point where the pregnancy is getting really uncomfortable.  My body is getting sluggish, sleep is getting difficult and non-restful, and my mind is starting to worry.  Also, I guess the elastin has officially been released in my body because my hip/pelvic pain is in full force.  Ejection preparation has begun!

Two months from today is my due date.  In some ways I'm really, really, really ready to just hurry up and have this baby.  I have been pregnant 17 of the last 21 months of my life and I'm so ready to be me again.  But, in other ways, I feel like it would be best if this pregnancy never ends because I'm worried about the reality of juggling three kids that are three and under.  Yikes!

I'm sure I'll survive ("I will survive won't I?" I think to myself as I type this), but I'm also realistic enough to know that it's going to be a long, tiring year up ahead.  I'm actually pretty excited to have the kids so close together - it's just going to be a challenge while they're all little but I think it will be great fun in the grand scheme of things. I just need to have faith that things will work out.  Because things will work out.  That I know for sure.  When you're doing what's right and trying your best Heavenly Father always makes your best good enough.

So, I will try to not dwell on my fears but look forward to the day we'll have one more smiling face to add to the two adorable ones I clean and kiss and admire all day long.



Sharla said...

It's so funny that as I started reading it, I thought "yep, it's that time." Glad to know that I have you to move through these lovely stages together. Even if it is from a couple thousand miles away. Wouldn't that be hilarious if we delivered on the same day?

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