May 18, 2011

India Night #2

Kimmy requested to have another 'India Night', so last week the family came over and we all gorged ourselves on Butter Chicken, Daal, Naan, and Mango Lassis.  I, of coarse, begged Ben to put on his India attire; and he, or coarse, repeatedly refused.  Thankfully Kimmy and Joseph agreed to wear it....

They were in a zen mood all evening.

After dinner we went on a walk to the lake.  I love evenings like this with the family!

Not everyone walked, though.  There was one bike rider.    

Not sure what it is was but my dad looked ridiculously funny riding this bike.  


Raven said...

Love that picture of Sadie with Joseph. Pure delight. So cute!

Joe said...

I love pictures and I love your blog. Happy memories. About to make some more this weekend.

Johnson Family said...

Looks like a fun night with family! It is a wonderful blessing to live near family and have so many opportunities to get together.
Beautiful pictures too! Sadie sure is growing up.