April 23, 2010

Orlando & Disney

Every other year Ben has a McDonald's convention in Orlando.  Since it's so close I usually go with him for the few days he's over there.  When we were newlyweds I just would read, take naps, and lounge by the pool - it was heaven on earth!

Now that little Sadie is a part of our family I was a little concerned that our Orlando trip would not be as relaxing but I was pleasantly surprised with how well she did.  She loved it!  She went to sleep easily.  She took nice, long naps.  She was friendly, social, and very well-behaved.

One huge blessing was that we were given a free upgrade to an executive suite.  So, thankfully, she had plenty of room to run and play.  And, we had a full kitchen and dining area - that made life a lot easier.

On Monday, while Ben was in meetings, Sadie and I met up with family at Magic Kingdom and then went out to dinner with them at Rainforest Cafe.

{Shown above are Sadie Tickner and Sadie Johnson. 
We have been good friends with the Tickner's for a few years,
and just found out this year that they are Ben's cousins}

{This is Ben's Aunt Sue and Cousin Bailey.  
They were in town from Utah for the convention, too!}

On Tuesday Ben only had to work from noon to five.  In the morning we just played around the hotel.

{Sadie loved the air conditioner}

{I fed her really unhealthy food during the trip. 
Shame on me!!! 
She didn't seem to mind it, though!}

{She took three and a half hour naps each day! 
That's a new record for her :) 
We must have really worn her out.}

That evening we were going to go to Disney but the weather didn't cooperate.  We decided at the gate to abort our Disney plans.  We took some pictures, went on the boat ride back, and then went out for Indian food.

{I'm much larger in real life than this picture portrays}

{Sadie was tired again even after her record-breaking nap!}

On Wednesday we slept in and relaxed around the hotel until check-out time.  We really didn't want to leave yet!  We ordered....(which was my very favorite part of the trip)....room service for breakfast each morning.

And then we met up with Joe, Julie, and Baby Joseph at Disney.  As a side note, we participated in Disney's "Give A Day. Get A Day" service program.  In return we each received a free Disney ticket.  We then upgraded our tickets for the $99 Florida resident 4-day pass.  The upgrade was only $20.  So, we now have 4 days of Disney tickets we need to use up by May 25th.  It was another blessing from 'Above'. 

{I tried to make her hair look like Mickey Mouse ears.  Can you tell?}

{Sadie did not like the tram ride! 
This was her third time riding it and her first time not crying during it.}

{Joseph's bashful face shown above.  Don't you love his shirt?}

 {Baby Joseph fell asleep on 'It's a Small World"}

Sadie didn't love the rides at the beginning of the day, but by the end she was pointing and giggling.  Her most favorite rides were Winnie the Pooh and It's A Small World.  She did NOT like Peter Pan, nor did she like Pirates of the Caribbean.  Although, she was brave and didn't cry on any of them!

  {This picture shows better how big I am getting, but I still say that I look even bigger in real life.  I can't imagine I'm going to make it another six weeks!}

So, that was our wonderful Orlando/Disney trip.  It was over far too quickly, but it sure was fun while it lasted! 


Joe said...

Yes, Julie and I were saying it is totally a step out of reality at Disney. You get so engulfed in life within the magical bubble that you don't have or remember a care in the world.

Lori said...

Alicia--We also have passes to Disney if you are ever interested. Maybe it's not really that cool to hang with the Stake Pres. We can ditch him if we need to.

Jordan and Crystal said...

such a fun trip! You look great