April 12, 2010

Life Lately 4.12.10

Life lately....

They are moving Ben's office. We knew this was going to happen, but we expected them to move to the Oldsmar/Palm Harbor area. Instead, we found out Friday, they are moving over to Tampa. Right by the airport.  In fact, it's about 5 minutes from Mike and Sarah's house. So now, even if we sell our house {that a big 'if'} we don't even know where we would move.

My goal was (1) to get as close to Ben's office as possible (2) to get in a better school district (3) to get closer to good beaches (4) to get closer to parents (5) to be in either the Seminole or Palm Harbor ward. Well, now if I try to accomplish goal #1 I will have to sacrifice some of the other ones. Hmmm....what to do?


In other news, I have been released from my unofficial calling as Acting Young Women's President.  I'm still the first counselor, but now the second counselor is the acting president since the actual president has cancer and I am ripening for delivery.  It's very fun to work with the YW and we have an especially great group.  I'm not quite sure how I'm going to continue to do my calling, though.  Sadie will NOT go to nursery by herself and soon I'll have a newborn.  Ben has been teaching the YM {ironically, he's currently the 'Acting' YM's president in addition to the second counselor in the Bishopric - hopefully that won't last more than a couple more weeks, though}, so he's even more busy than I am and is unable to help much with Sadie during church - although, you know he tries.  Sadly, Sundays have become our most stressful day of the week, and I think when our little one comes along it's only going to get crazier.  

I remember my mom saying she wondered when she went to church because she just ended up walking the halls with the babies and toddlers while us older kids sat unattended in sacrament meeting.  She did it for us - just like I do it for Sadie, because I want her to understand and love the gospel as much as I do.  But, I have to say, at this point in life most of my spiritual upliftment comes from my own study throughout the week rather than through attending church on Sundays.  That's actually probably a good thing.   


Sarah and I have had two wedding to photograph in the last three weeks.  This past one was a beach wedding followed by a sunset cruise.  It was very fun!  I quite enjoy them.  Although, they are totally and completely exhausting.  This will definitely have to be my last one for a while, because I'm getting too big and pregnant to keep up with Sarah.  

Photography is like being a goalie in hockey or soccer.  You have to be on high alert and ready to move at any second if a beautiful opportunity presents itself.  It requires a very high level of concentration!


As for my pregnancy - I'm pretty sure I've been pregnant for well over a year now and I'm very ready to *feel* thin again.  Although, I'm cherishing all the time I have left while it's just Sadie and me.  We have so much fun together and go lots of places; I'm not sure how she or I will do when we are 'homebound' for a few months.  I have a lot of nervousness and fears about having a newborn again, but I'm trying to just focus on how exciting it will be rather than how hard it will be.  And, I keep telling myself: Sadie was not a normal newborn.  Hopefully, this time will be a little easier!  


Lastly, but definitely not least, is little Sadie....she is perfect!   She's so much fun, and such a good little toddler!  She's trying to talk more which makes me a laugh a lot.  Also, she's starting to climb and can finally get up on the sofa by herself.  The things I love most about her are (1) her smile (2) the way she smells and (3) how she is so affectionate.  She brings me her Binky and blanket all throughout the day and wants me just to lay on the sofa with her and cuddle.  How cute is that?  Pretty cute.  That's our Sadie!          


Johnson Family said...

Sounds like you guys are really busy!
When are you due to have your baby Alicia?

Christy said...

I read the last part about Sadie to my roommates because I thought it was so cute. I'm looking forward to seeing little Sadie and your big belly in a few weeks. :)

Alicia said...

Shannon - I am due June 14th. My goal is to go into labor naturally this time, so I hope I won't go too far past my due date.

Christy - Sadie and I are definitely looking forward to seeing and playing with you and Kimmy. What date do you guys fly home?