April 22, 2010


What do you do on a beautiful Saturday afternoon when you don't want to spend much money but want to have a fun, memorable experience?  Well, we go kayaking and to the beach - which is what we did this past Saturday.  The kids love being outdoors, kayaking is peaceful, and the beach is a feast for the eyes.

{Joe, Julie, and Baby Joseph can be seen above.}

{Ben can be seen above disembarking on his journey. 
We saw a manatee, a snake, and tons of scary little crabs.}

{My Dad shown above launching Michael}

My parents and I took the kids over to the beach while the first group when kayaking.  They loved playing in the sand and walking on the beach.
{My dad is really embracing Grandpahood.  All the kids LOVE him!}

{One of Sadie's favorite activities is playing with my mom's shells.  
She brought these with her to the beach from their house}

{Don't you just love that little face?}

P.S. We missed you Sarah and Ethan :)


Johnson Family said...

I wish we lived near a beach! We always make it a summer tradition to take a beach trip as a family. We love it too!

Unknown said...

Holy cow- baby Joseph is not a baby anymore! It looks like a wonderful outing- beautiful spot you guys chose. ps- are you sure "scary" was not meant to go in front of the word "snake"?? those must have been some crabs!

Alicia said...

Oh Chante, the crabs were so prehistorically scary looking! They really looked like little monsters. And, I agree, Baby Joseph is getting so big, huh?