November 06, 2009

The Rest of the Story....

Remember the dreadful day of October 7, 2009?
I'm now going to tell you the rest of the story:

11:00-11:41 - Sadie and Alicia work to clean out messy garage to surprise Ben.

11:42 - Nice neighbor lady pulls up and wants to chat.

12:06 - Alicia starts feeling light headed while talking to neighbor lady.

12:11 - Alicia finally ends conversation with nice neighbor lady.

12:11 - Alicia and Sadie walk to the house. Alicia knows she's going to never-never land.

12:12 - Alicia goes to never-never land. Sadie steps in ant pile :(

12:13 - Alicia's back from never-never land and Sadie is crying.

12:14 - A very dizzy Alicia puts a very distraught Sadie in the bathtub.

12:15 - A very guilty, crying, and feisty Alicia calls Ben at work (while she's laying on a nice cold tile floor in the bathroom) and is angry with him because, "Cleaning out the garage is a man's job and if you had been home and done it this wouldn't have happened." A very lovely Ben says, "I totally agree, I'm so sorry. Do you need me to come home?"

Alicia feels bad.

She says, "No, we'll be okay. I'll call you later. Bye."

12:16 - While laying on the floor it occurs to Alicia that maybe she's pregnant.

12:17 - Alicia peels herself off the floor and takes a pregnancy test.

12:19 - The pregnancy test is positive.

12:19 - Alicia decides she'd better lay down again! She has a thousand thoughts running through her mind!!

12:22 - Alicia and Sadie take a nice, relaxing shower and they both feel so much better. They put on their favorite pajamas even though it's the middle of the day.

12:47 - A very happy and relaxed Alicia calls Ben, "Hi Honey! How are you today?"

A still concerned and stressed Ben replies, "I'm fine but I'm really worried about you and Sadie. Do you want me to come home?"

Alicia says, "Oh no! We're doing great!!"

Alicia debates whether to tell Ben now or wait until he gets home from work. She really, really wants to wait and make it a big surprise but she's not disciplined enough, "Guess what Ben...I took a pregnancy test."

Ben waits and waits, "And....."

"....And it was positive!" says a happy Alicia.

Ben is shocked and excited.

They talk a few more minutes, both with very uplifted moods, and then they say good bye.

12:56 - Alicia tries all sorts of remedies for Sadie's feet.

Mostly Sadie just wants to be held.

So, Alicia and Sadie sit on the sofa and watch Barney all afternoon.

Sadie laughs and smiles at the show; Alicia smiles, too, as she daydreams about their new little baby.

~And that's the rest of the story!~


Kimmy said...

aww i love that story

Johnson Family said...

You always have such a cute way of telling stories Alicia!
Congratulations on expecting another baby. It is so exciting when you find out a baby is on the way. Now I'm sure you're imagining who this new baby will be and what it will be like to have two children. How fun!

Heather said...

Aww, Alicia! I miss you so much. You're like the coolest person ever! I heard the song, "Catch a Falling Star and put it in your pocket", the other day and you totally popped into my head. When we find that video we are having a reunion and all watching it! Sadie is beautiful and I can't wait to see your new baby. Crazy to think of 2 kids! Miss you my Big Al friend :)

Christy said...

Alicia that is hilarious. I read it to Jamie and we laughed so hard. Ben is a saint. I'm excited for you!

Andy & Heather Law said...

congrats Alicia!! I love reading your tell them in such a creative way. You are such a great mom and I can't wait to see your new little one! :)